Hazchem Guide - Marking ADR Vehicles

On the 10th May 2004 the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2004 provided an update to UK Hazchem carriage guidelines intended to align domestic haz-chem regulations for carriage of dangerous goods with the international hazchem transportation guidelines ADR.

Section 55 of the new hazchem regulations outline the information that should be displayed on vehicles carrying dangerous goods. It details specific requirement for the hazchem labelling of vehicles, tanks, and containers with hazardous loads:

  • A reflective orange hazard warning vehicle plate must now be shown at the fron of all vehicles carring dangerous goods including tankers.
  •  Vehicles carring hazchem loads by road are required to display a reflective orange placard showing Emergency Action Codes (E.A.C) and UN Numbers. 
  • Vehicles carring dangerous goods in the Approved Carriage List in a tank should display ahazchem placard showing an E.A.C UN number, specialist advice telephone number and the appropriate hazard warning diamond.