Limited Quantity Marks and ADR

Our range of limited quantity labels, limited quantity diamonds and limited quantity packaging labels are suitable for labelling all types of packages and shipping containers that contain hazardous chemicals packaged in accordance with the limited quantity exceptions rules of ADR/ IMDG.


The standard limited quantity placard is sized at 250 x 250mm are suitable for labelling shipping containers containing goods packaged as limited quantities. Typically this limited quantity placard is required on each of the 4 sides of the shipping container.

Previously limited quantity placards either display the full word "LIMITED QUANTITY" in text, at least 60mm high on a rectangle, or, more commonly the abbreviation of limited quantity "LTD QTY" which can be shown in the standard white limited quantity diamond in black text. Latest regulations have replaced these labels with a single diamond with black portions at the top and bottom.

Smaller limited quantity marks are required on inner packages of the boxes containing the limited quantity of chemicals.